ITS, Virtual reality and innovative technologies for transportation

Scientific director

Prof. Gennaro Nicola Bifulco


The laboratory for virtual reality and innovative technologies for transportation covers an area of about 120 sq.m. partially at building 5 in via Claudio 21 and partially at the “Istituto Motori” of the National Research Council, in via Marconi. Main facilities of the lab are: a dynamic driving simulator mounted on a 6 degree of freedom exhapod with immersive reality; two coupled “twin” driving simulators for development of automation and driving assistance solutions based on vehicle-to-vehicle communication; an instrumente vehicle for naturalistic observation of driving behavior and Vehicle-In-the-Loop activities. Moreover, the lab has access to the ITS test-bed living lab, that is a 2.5 Km long urban highway equipped with traffic monitoring and control sensors and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication devices.